Alterations + Changes



We do not offer alterations in the store. If you need alterations, we can recommend you to someone who can assist.


We offer free steaming for each dress purchased from our store. We recommend that you call and book a time to bring the dress in on the week of the event so that it does not get re-wrinkled. Steaming on a dress can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes therefore you can drop it off or wait in our waiting area while it is steamed. Timing can also vary if there are multiple dresses to be steamed.

Fitting Room

We have 12 fitting rooms available for our customers. Each customer can bring 3 dresses in at a time. Due to the high volumes of customers, employees, and dresses in the dressing room, we ask that ONLY people trying on be in dressing rooms. Our employees will assist in zipping, tying and getting the customers in the dress so that they can come out to those who are with them on their shopping experience.

Private Appointments

We offer private appointments during the months of January, February, March, April and May. These appointments will have a one on one experience with our Stylist and will have an hour to find the perfect dress for them. These appointments will need to be booked in advance. Due to the volume of people in those months, we ask that each appointment only have 2 additional people back in the area with them. All others must wait in our waiting area and can see the dress once the customer comes out.

Waiting Area

We offer a waiting area in our event facility with televisions and a child area. We ask that if you are not trying on or have someone trying on at the time, you utilize this room so that we can get the traffic moving and the areas are not cluttered. There are televisions in here that are live streamed so that you recognize when your group has someone trying on. If you are waiting to try on your selected dresses, we ask you also to wait in here so that we can have room for other customers to look. You will receive a text message when your fitting room is ready for you. Our wait rack and dressing rooms close 15 minutes prior to store closing.

*No drink or food in the shopping area at any time.